But why this blog?

Simply to share my experience on my areas of expertise. So I'm going to talk about IT security as a whole, project management in a concrete way (this is my current position). But also the development and various things that affect the websites.
I will try to look at various things. I do not guarantee not to duplicate with other articles on the web. But as much as possible it will be a real experience sharing.

My laboratory to me

This blog will also be my laboratory, that is to say that I will test here my WP plugins, my optimization tests etc. It is also the challenge to reference articles on topics related to a WTF domain name.


This is the name of the CMS I created when I founded my company Bishamonten Technologies. So having a particular affect for this area I allowed myself to keep it for this experience.

Let's GO!

So, go for an adventure as long as possible with articles I hope that will be interesting!

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