You will see in this article what to do when you find a USB key in the street and / or in these premises . We will come back on the risks that arise from the use of the possession of USB key that we found or that a customer would have forgotten voluntarily or not. As soon as the USB key is not 100% identified as your property or that of your company here is what you need to do.

What to do when you find a USB key?

If you find a key in your premises, or first, first checked if it is not part of the company's key, we will see at the end of the article some tips for that. Then, a quick tour of the offices to ask the collaborators if it is not a personal key. If you still have not found the owner asked the customers / prospects present on the premises.
If you have not found the owner destroy the key . A hammer will do the trick,  but do not just throw it in the trash of your business or home. You will see why a little further. In any case whatever the method used you must make it unusable.
If you find a key elsewhere, simply do not pick it up to keep it. Leave her where she is or at worst throw in the nearest trash. It is advisable to do the same with the USB sticks and the one that can be found in our mailboxes.  I advise you to read the following article on malicious keys sent in mailboxes in Australia 

Risks related to the use of a USB key found or received as a gift

The risks you run are simple in fact. You risk using this kind of USB stick to infect your computer be it a PC, a Linux or a Mac OS with a more or less violent virus. We could very well have why not ransomware .
Or more targeted attacks on your business. Moreover if you often find or a large number of USB key near your company, I recommend you contact the police. But also to ask you the question of who might want to specifically your data.
There are also over the last month over-the-counter versions of USB Killer which is a USB key that will destroy your computer in seconds . By the way when I write the article Google me out first result on the request Killer USB shopping site .
This is a point that we rarely see when we talk about the issue. But it could be more devastating than a virus .
Take a small scenario you find a USB key in front of your premises you report it and left it on your desk without looking at its contents. A few days later you have a bailiff who comes to investigate your company following a judgment on a competitor's accusation that you stole documents from him .
Of course this is not the case and you deny it en bloc. The usher is assisted by certified experts in digital proofs and looks at your USB keys, your machines etc. It will eventually find on the USB key that you have recovered ... Who miraculously contains the documents that you are accused of stealing . Defending yourself to say that this key is not yours will be very complicated to see almost impossible .
Now imagine the same scenario, but this time with criminally and morally reprehensible photos, or terrorist type files. This time it's an anonymous tip that you have this kind of snapshot / file on a USB drive in the office or at your home. Your reputation will take a big hit and you risk once again losing big in the case.
Note that here the simple formatting of the key will not be of any use to you, because a simple formatting even of USB key does not prevent to find the information erased.

How to identify the legitimate keys?

To find you easily in your keys several possibilities. You can  buy a unique brand , for example Kingston, Verbatim, Sandisk, etc. Or you can order USB sticks with your company logo. This will also allow you to give it to your customers for file delivery.
In all cases these USB sticks I advise you to add an internal serial number, with a label see why not a barcode. On this item that you add to your key make sure it is difficult to reproduce it if we did not have at one time T one of your keys in hand.
Feel free to assign color labels depending on the services. In any case remember this the ancestor of the USB key is the floppy disk and just like his ancestor a USB key is not a long-term storage medium, but mostly a way to transport data from point A to point B .


You are probably already hunting for USB keys in your offices ! And that's good, it's also important that you educate your teams regularly at your joint meetings, or internal letter.
I think that you have become aware that something as harmless as a USB key can have significant  repercussions on your company and your private life .

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