You will see how to configure sendmail so that it can send your emails to "" or "G Suite" boxes without a hitch. Because I realized lately that he was capricious on that. Especially since the banal function mail () of PHP. You will see how to fix this on a fresh Debian8.

The error in the logs

If you see in the following log /var/log/mail.log lines that looks like this:
Oct 04 11:16:14 hostname sm-mta [25169]: u9E9GEJv025167: to = <>, ctladdr = <www-data @ XXXXXXXXXX> (33/33), delay = 00: 00: 00, xdelay = 00: 00: 00, mailer = esmtp, pri = 120382, relay = [IPv6: 2a00: XXXXXXXXX], dsn = 5.0.0, stat = Service unavailable
Oct 04 11:16:14 sm-mta hostname [25169]: u9E9GEJv025167: u9E9GEJv025169: DSN: Service unavailable
You can not send an email to Google managed mailboxes ... which is very annoying, but why? Just that Google does not always like to send e-mails on these IPv6 ... A fool all the same.

A solution to solve the sendmail and gmail error

Here is what you can do to correct the problem, it is relatively simple and fast. To start edit the file /etc/mail/ and go to the end of the file to add the line:
CLIENT_OPTIONS ( `Family = inet6, addr = :: ffff: ') dnl
Once added save your file, and run the following command to reconfigure sendmail, answer yes to all the questions:
Sendmail will be reloaded at the end of the script. There is no longer any case test with a piece of PHP code for example such as:
<? php mail (' ',' test ',' sendmail test for gmail '); ?>


Small manipulation that is simple and that will surely save you the bet if you had the problem and it is settled in less than 5 min!

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