Changing the theme to make it powerful 1 / X

I chose a theme that visually met my requirements. I'll explain how I made it compatible with the technical performance and SEO requirements that we apply for our customers. And also that it is pleasant and ergonomic for you!

Selected theme

The basic theme I chose is Mediaphase-lite . Why ? Sober classic design whose colors are fitting with my desires and ergonomics close to my needs. Especially a design that is responsive, because nowadays a non responsive site must not grow ...
It also requires little CSS adaptation at first, I list them in the rest of the article.
What other criteria? No. Why ? Simply to prove that whatever the theme is, we can push it to meet our strong demands.

CSS fixes to perform

  1. Text size of too small items
  2. Missing some hover effect on buttons and other click areas
  3. Review the effect on the buttons to be more modern
  4. Optimization of CSS
  5. It's all at first

Other corrections

  1. Adding plugins for formatting
  2. Securing wordpress
  3. Theme security audit (the first step actually)
  4. Correction of the responsive that places the column before the content which is "doubtful" for the user experience
  5. Correction of page 404
  6. Adding the Page Builder plugin for a better layout

Measure the performance of a site effectively

How to measure them? Simply with Dareboost , PageSpeed ​​Insights (Google) , GTmetrix and finally Webpagetest . Why so much? Because they all have different sensitivity and different interesting options. Besides, I'll do one article per performance test site.
These tools will have the advantage of focusing on the technique and save us valuable time. One could quite find the performance concerns without these tools. But what a waste of time it would be.

The scores

Explanation of the results

Overall the performances are very correct. Except for PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTmetrix which are the worst ratings. Moreover on these two the notes are not acceptable. I will see how to explain later how I proceeded to improve the notes. Where I complicated the exercise is to climb all a note on a tool without descending that of another tool ...
But it will allow to see if the tools are "logical" and to define which tools can be later that is superfluous.

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